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Beauty product solution

Scalp & hair loss care product


Growth factor peptide, or stem cell, Using hair loss prevention, and Hair growth, There are several in connection with scalp and hair loss And by various research and development of its product and production in.

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iscalp nano tonic

iscalp nano ampoule

Natural herbal remedy and sea weed and other specific heat treatment with effective separation of taking them valid at low raw materials and products, made by refining and enrichment, By direct supply in the body, it could bring the skin of active ingredients, Hair and the nutrients that are required to the organization of the vitality of the necessary ingredients and hair get the most of the substances that can quickly without losing hair root by supply.

Specific heat at low raw materials the ingredients for an effective treatment with effective separation, a product produced by refining and enrichment.

A real constituent (disbanding, Korea's first seaweed,), the seaweed! hair product's effectiveness in the acquisition of permission to seaweed and natural herbal remedy and by grain group's main ingredient, such as Low The extraction of Nano, the Nano - extraction " system.

Nano (extraction of low temperature and natural herbal remedy and by grain group's main ingredient, such as seaweed, the Nano - extraction) system through extracting active ingredient without Heat loss.

iscalp intensive care shampoo

iscalp herb grow shampoo

This shampoo, cleans hair and scalp. It washes that hampers the growth of hair shafts and dandruff As seaweeds and which contain relieve the itching and various The hair root and extracts, herbal remedy should be a healthy scalp treatment Get me strong.

Nutritive and scalp hair care products with natural ingredients.

Mixing of more than 37 %, the baldness drug extracted from which consists of material Improve scalp and hair loss shampoo scalp with just casually to improve its resolving troubles.

iscalp herb grow conditioner

iscalp leave in hair treatment

Natural ingredients providing nutrition in your scalp and hair care products

A hair on their way to using natural ingredients with dry hair to thick, and soft, looking glossy hair by changing mat and static electricity, by preventing. Also, stress and scalp that suffered damage to the natural environment protected me.

Nutritive and scalp hair care products.

Hair loss, damage to a medical treatment of the scalp healthy and natural ingredients to a sleek hair can grow with UV protection and to the scalp and hair root, by providing a healthy nutrition. Scalp and hair that help strengthen my.


scalp cleansing gel


scalp is a natural professional scalp care brand
that uses complex extracts derived from organic fruicts.

Using Papain, a Natural Papaya extract, the Scaling Is a Professional Scalp Care product that uses natural ingredients to gently exfoliate the scalp of excess skin, (sebum) oils, and dandruff to promote a healthier, cleaner scalp.

Combination of Pomegranate Extracts and Propolis is superb in suppressing and preventing dandruff germ multiplication on the scalp while Orange and Pine extracts with essential oils sooth and calm the scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness.